We need more helpers!

We want to reach out to all our Lake Youngs families and let you know it is not too late to help us with the following programs that still need a volunteer to promote and look after. We are a very healthy energetic PTSA who ALL have one goal and that is help Lake Youngs students reach their true potential by financially  supporting programs by the PTSA that cannot be funded by our school district (ie, Book Fair, Science Fair, Art Docents, Programs/Assemblies, Teacher Grants, Grade level Grants, all field trips, Choir, Winterfest and the list goes on….).
As a Parent or Guardian of a student at Lake Youngs we want let you know that we need your support to continue with what we do best, and without your support we will have to cancel programs. We appreciate that not everyone wants to join a PTSA and not everyone has the time or energy to volunteer, but every little counts.
We think a lot of your child and want to make sure we can provide memories in addition to their everyday school life which  enables them to be successful confident young adults in today’s world, and to do this we need your support for the following programs
  • Science Fair
  • Spring Auction – various roles
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Family Movie night
  • Spring Fundraiser
  • End of year celebration
  • Year Book – various roles
In addition to the above the following vacancies are needed for 2019 School year  as you can appreciate various members of the current board will no longer have students at Lake Youngs and the need to continue a very healthy, energetic and in good standing PTSA, is needed! 🙂
  • President or Co Presidents
  • Vice President or Co Vice Presidents
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Cashier
  • Book Fair Chair
  • Membership Chair
If you have received this email and you no longer have a student at Lake Youngs please send me a friendly email to take you off our contact list, that way we will not fill your inbox with information you do not need.
If you have any questions or would like to sign up please contact us.

December Staff Meal

Hi everyone! Happy December!

I want to do something a little different this month. With the holidays coming up, I thought it would be fun to have you bring in your favorite holiday dish. It can be an appetizer, a main dish or a dessert. It can be homemade or store bought. Whatever you and your family enjoys!

Just a couple of reminders. The only way to keep a dish warm is in a crockpot. I have a power strip that I bring and we can plug in 4 to 5 crockpots. If you bring a hot dish, please use a crockpot liner if possible.
It would be great if we could have a gluten free option as well. The staff that eats gluten free really appreciate it when they have something to eat too!

As always, I couldn’t do this without your help! Thank you so much! If you have any questions please feel free to text me (253) 951-8495.

Please go and register for what you can bring!

Last day for Kids Helping Kids

If your child has been taking on extra chores in order to participate
in our annual program to help less fortunate families, please have them bring in the money they have earned tomorrow. All funds will be combined and divided equally among Lake Youngs families in need. Our PTSA shoppers will search out the best Black Friday deals- available and gifts will be wrapped and ready for distribution in mid-December.
All contributions are meaningful and important to help the success of this program. We hope that you and your students have enjoyed the experience of helping others! If you have any questions, please contact:
Sam Vonderscheer at samantha.vonderscheer@kent.k12.wa.us,
Martha MacKinnon at martha.mackinnon@kent.k12.wa.us  or
Allyson Johnson at allyson.johnson@kent.k12.wa.us