January Staff Meal


Hi! I hope everyone had a good holiday break!

I like to keep it a little lighter after all of the holiday meals! So I would like to do a salad bar this month. The big tubs (Costco size) of mixed greens seem to be the most popular. As far as the veggies go, I’m not to set on any one particular kind – carrots, cucumber, mushrooms, cherry (or grape) tomatoes seem to be the favorites. I like to have hard boiled eggs and olives. Cubed up ham is also a popular choice but we don’t have to have a ton of it.

The dressings can be just normal sized bottles, every time we have a large or Costco size bottle of dressing it is never finished. Same with the croutons. Just the normal size bags that you can get at the grocery store are perfect.

I’m leaving the beverages up to you. The cans of sparkling water, ice tea and cans of coke seem to be the favorites. Of course just bottles of water are always good too.

I would also like to put a bug in everyone’s ear for the staff appreciation week in May. I would like to keep the tradition of having something for the staff everyday that week. The last few years I have had a huge catering event the 5th and 6th of may – which makes my staff appreciation week really difficult for me to put a lot of time and effort into. What I was hoping, was to find a few volunteers to head up each day of the week. That way it’s not too overwhelming for any one person. I will email more about this later, just wanted to throw it out there super early!

As always, thank you SO much for all you do! I love being able to spoil our staff – and after all the work, time and effort they put into our kids, they definitely deserve it!!

Text or email me with any questions!


Go here to sign up!

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